About ASC

The formation of the Asian Shooting Confederation was fully supported in principle by Members of the Asian countries present at the 18th Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 1964. It was finalized at the 5th Asian Games held in Bangkok in December, 1966. The first General Assembly meeting was held on July 20, 1967, at the Tokorazawa Ranges near Tokyo, Japan.

The Purpose of the Asian Shooting Confederation is to promote and guide the sound development of shooting sports in full accordance with the Constitution and General Regulations of the International Shooting Sport Federation and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and good relations among Member Federations and within the shooting sport community as a whole, without political, racial or religious differentiation. Moreover, the ASC will directly or indirectly promote and ensure the common interest of all its members within the ISSF.


Objectives of the ASC include:

  • Conducting permanent communications between the Member Federations for the exchange of ideas on the development and perfection of shooting sports, in close collaboration with the ISSF.
  • Acting as the only official link between Member Federations and the ISSF in all matters relating to any ASC supervised competitions and ASC recognized shooting events, training courses and Asian records.
  • Conducting and regulating the Asian Shooting Championships.
  • Conducting shooting events at the Asian Games under the supervision of the ISSF.
  • Encouraging and supervising regional and other international competitions in Asia.
  • Supporting the formation of regional organizations in Asia for the further promotion of shooting sports, provided that their aims, structure and regulations conform to those of the ISSF and ASC