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New ISSF Athletes Committee: Message to all Athletes


New ISSF Athletes Committee: message to all athletes

Greetings from the newly elected ISSF Athletes Committee to all athletes


Dear Fellow Athletes,

Greetings from the ISSF Athletes Committee!  We are grateful to all of you for the trust you have put in us with our recent election.

At the very outset, we would like to reiterate that athletes are at the heart of the ISSF and our goal is to make the Athletes Committee an inclusive open forum.
All suggestions, ideas and concepts will be given due weight and will be discussed in a transparent democratic fashion at the meetings of the ISSF Athletes Committee. The first meeting is scheduled for early 2015. We would like everyone to empower themselves and enrich us with their rich experience. Being athletes, we want our community's concerns to be of prime importance and would request all of you to communicate and help make a more inclusive organization.
The members of the ISSF Athletes Committee are present during most ISSF supervised competitions. Please also feel free to communicate with us at all times by email to


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